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Our Investment: $500
Minimal Spend: $10
Referral: 7 Levels: 8%-4%-1%-1%-0.5%-0.3%-0.2%
Payout Statics
Online: 2020-07-28 (29 D)
Monitored: 29 Days
Last Paid: 11 days ago
Our Rating:
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RCB Details
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Investment Plans: 0.5% daily for 30 Days, 1% daily for 90 Days, 1.5% daily for 180 Days (Principal Return)

Forwix Program Description

Forwix Forwix - это команда профессионалов в области криптовалютного арбитража, работающая на капитал компании более 5 лет. Теперь наши двери открыты для всех. Цель проекта - дать возможность заработать на этом сложном процессе любому заинтересованному инвестору.

The popularity of cryptocurrencies is increasing every year. Those who have never heard about it begin to be interested, they study how to use cryptocurrency. Unfortunately, most people think that they can earn on cryptocurrency only by buying and holding the asset expecting it to grow, or trading it in brokerage companies, however, all these options resemble casinos, the chances of making a profit are equal to chances fix equivalent loss, and if you trade with leverage, you can lose your entire deposit irrevocably. Why constantly take risks if you can make money on cryptocurrency without risks? When asked how to do this, we will answer you briefly - Cryptocurrency Arbitrage.
We are a team of specialists who will help you earn money in this direction.

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