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Our Investment: $200
Minimal Spend: $1
Referral: 8%
Payout Statics
Online: 2020-08-18 (6 D)
Monitored: 6 Days
Last Paid: 6 days ago
67%Payout: 67%
Our Rating:
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RCB Details
PerfectMoney BitCoin Payeer Ethereum LiteCoin BitCoinCash DASH Dogecoin DDOSProtect SSL LicensedScript
Investment Plans: 0.08% - 4% hourly Forever ; 3.06 - 25.21% hourly for 24 - 36 Hours

ChanceFX Program Description

ChanceFX At ChanceFX we operate a successful mining rig which provides us with bitcoin. Whatever we mine, we immediately sell with a profit. Since the price of bitcoin changes every second, our trading bots make an estimation of how much profit we and our investors who have invested in us can make. As a result of this, every investment will have a different outcome. The money invested by our investors will be paid back with an interest commission which we pay for lending us the money.

Monitor Button Code

HYIP Monitor-invest-tracing.co
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<a href="https://invest-tracing.co/projects/detail-ChanceFX/" target="_blank"><img src="https://invest-tracing.co/img/buttons/button-13027.png" border="0" alt="Monitored by invest-tracing.co"></a>

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Post by user monitoring

Russian Federation xxxxx@mail.ru Aug 23, 2020 13:47

Не платит уже 2 дня

Nigeria xxxxx@gmail.com Aug 23, 2020 07:19

best investment recovery ever! thanks to brodinconsult@gmail .com for bringing back my investment from fraudulent HYIP

Post by user texasholdem

Turkey xxxxx@hotmail.com Aug 23, 2020 05:01

not paying dogecoin

Russian Federation xxxxx@inbox.ru Aug 22, 2020 16:01

Не платит.выплата в ожидании!

Post by user monitoring

Russian Federation xxxxx@mail.ru Aug 22, 2020 06:19

Не платит.выплата в ожидании!

USA xxxxx@hyipmonitors24.net Aug 20, 2020 12:37

The amount of 0.24 USD has been deposited to your account. Accounts: U24832098->U14206438. Memo: API Payment. Withdraw to hyipmonitors24.net from Chancefx.com.. Date: 10:38 20.08.20. Batch: 329941732.

Post by user monitoring

Russian Federation xxxxx@mail.ru Aug 20, 2020 11:10

Received Payment 0.59 USD from account U24832098. Memo: API Payment. Withdraw to monitoring from Chancefx.com.

Kenya xxxxx@gmail.com Aug 20, 2020 10:02

Chancefx are Scammers. Didn't pay even first withdrawer. Keeps on saying you are trying to withdraw more than your balance. Don't invest there. They are thieves

Japan xxxxx@126.com Aug 19, 2020 23:14


Post by user qingshuizhuyu

Russian Federation xxxxx@126.com Aug 19, 2020 14:47


Post by user hyip777

Hong Kong xxxxx@gmail.com Aug 19, 2020 13:12


Post by user losive

USA xxxxx@gmail.com Aug 19, 2020 09:42


Post by user mayvis

China xxxxx@gmail.com Aug 18, 2020 15:24


Post by user wythe

Japan xxxxx@gmail.com Aug 18, 2020 15:17


Post by user hac999

Japan xxxxx@ymail.com Aug 18, 2020 14:59


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