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Profitex.Club Ltd News

2019-05-03 04:33:04

Hello Everyone,

Today has so far been another very successful day in the life of our program (PROFITEX.CLUB). Hope it has been a worthwhile experience for you too? Everything is fully operational and no earning complaints so far from any member. Deposits are pouring in since we started and new members are equally rushing to join your darling program. Did you notice we said your darling program? That’s because your support is very crucial to the overall success of profitex.club.

The key factor to any successful organization is TEAM WORK. We look forward to work with you as a team to attain success.

As you can see, we started 16 days ago and we have attracted 250 loyal club members who have already invested $17000+ as at the last count and earnings paid to club members is put at $7373 and still counting. Those are verifiable statistics.

Profitex Earning Plans:
We offer four profitable plans, where you can make profitable income on a long-term basis. Our plans consist of a 101.75% one day plan, 106% daily for three days, 2.1% daily plan for the life span of profitex.club and a whopping 6% daily for 24 days. These plans were carefully designed for long term sustainability. Please note: Principal for all plans are inclusive except for our 2.1% daily plan which principal is returned anytime when requested but on request of principal, there is a 10 days hold Stability period that is allowed to avoid instability. This is a temporary measure to ensure the long-term sustainability of profitexclub. It will be lifted as soon as possible.

We enjoin you to strategically buy into any of our plans for your sustainable earning experience.

Our affiliate program is also available to increase your earning power via your referrals. Please take advantage of that because it is a three levels deep referral commission. This means you earn 2% from your direct referrals and another 1% 2 levels deep on your indirect referrals. You can also earn up to 5000% RCB when you join and invest via any of our monitors. Doing so will amount to a win-win situation for our team.

All our deposit payment options are automatic except for bitcoin that sometime give error. If you experience any mission deposit(s) via btc deposition, please use our missing deposit link on your member page to report it. All you need is to fill the correct amount missing and send and we will immediately correct any such error.

One thing is sure, profitex.club is here to stay and we are striving hard to fulfill our part of the deal. All we need is your cooperation and understanding. Lets work as a team.

For real-time updates, discussions etc. you can join our telegram channel by clicking on the link at the right hand top corner on our homepage. Below our TG and Twitter Links:



Finally, I want to appreciate you for putting in your best toward pushing profitexclub upward, you are indeed a dependable team player. Thank you very much. Have a most rewarding weekend ahead.

Best Wishes,

Profitex.Club Ltd Team

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