• ProfitexClub Ltd Update --- Important !!

ProfitexClub Ltd Update --- Important !!

2019-04-18 16:26:16

It is unfortunate how things unfold those days. Our attention has been drawn to a report of a site that used a similar name as ours to scam people and it is being associated with us. From the report we got, the scam admin registered a site by the name www.profitfxclub.com. The most unfortunate incident is that they accessed the public UK companies house website and copied our company registration number with the UK government and used it. For those who do not know, the company house is company registration storage house open to the public to verify registered online companies with the UK government. One clear fact is that the person who stole our company registration number because it had a similar name but not exactly the same with our website did not put our registration certificate on their website because they did not have it. How can they register a company without having the registration certificate? Another clear point to note is that the name of our registered company is PROFITEXCLUB LTD but the website in question that is been associated with us is PROFITEXFXCLUB.COM. Please look closely and observe the difference. Our domain name is PROFITEX.CLUB
From our investigation, we also discovered the impostor registered their domain on the 3rd of March 2019. However, the registration was done 4th of Feb. 2019. It is absolutely impossible to register a company name without registering their domain first. This is a standard requirement before registration can be done.

We registered our domain name 07th January 2019 and went ahead to register company name 4th Feb. 2019. This is the normal sequence and proper thing to be done. After getting all set, we had to plan and prepare for a seamless site launch and that took us until April 15th 2019 before we officially launched our program.

Now, from our investigation, we also discovered that the impostor, who copied our company registration number, started their project on the 8th march 2019 and closed the 10th of March 2019 perhaps because they could not sustain their lies and fraud.
We had no inkling such a thing was going on until one of our clients drew our attention to this yesterday. We never even saw the site in question and we had no idea any of such thing ever took place.

Ours is to work hard and concentrate if what we are doing to guarantee long-term success. Those who are peddling falsehood should desist forthwith.

With all the facts presented as they truly are, I am sure you will agree with us that we are just a victim of circumstance. Please be guided, check carefully and verify issues properly before making false accusation. It does not make any sense that anyone will launch a site for 2 days close down and start again with the same name.

I am sure you all will agree with us after presenting the clear facts on this matter as they are. We believe this matter is laid to rest permanently while we concentrate in building a vibrant and successful project.
Profitex.club has come to stay.

Best wishes
ProfitexClub Ltd team

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